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Working with Hand Grenades

November 5th 2009 in Another Random Category, News, Photography, Trashcan

I’ve been looking through old photos of my work area, and they’ve been anything but clean. It seems I get more accomplished (I hope) when my work area looks like a grenade went off on it. Every cubicle, office or home office I’ve worked in has been thrashed.Survey the damage from 3 examples, over 3 years:

Bomb one

Bomb two

Bomb three

So how about the rest of you? Does a clean workspace make you more productive, or the messier the better?

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“Working with Hand Grenades”



I was wondering if the “download article” above that is in the right column is suppose to be all the way to the right of the screen like that.


Nope – that’s new. I’ll look into it and see what’s happening.

Aydin Tokmak

this theme is nicer than the dark one…

great work


Callie Thornton

It’s been a year since anyone last post on this thread…

The Columns to the right….apparently, there are two columns or would it be three…two standing and one across lol. It could be changed to one. I suppose that’s what I’d do first.

I like the lighter one best but they are both good.


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