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November 5th 2009 in Uncategorized

“Cellar Heat” is a free theme from Evan Eckard.

After creating the “Gumball Spcial” theme based from an older site of mine called HELLBISCUIT; I wanted to create a similar theme in layout that wasn’t image-driven like that one was. The layout was a unique design I produced over a couple years ago, and it’s finally being released.

At first I wanted to do a dark theme that would contrast the Gumball Special design. But after creating the dark version, I decided to produce a “light” version as well. You’re currently viewing the “light” version.

“Cellar Heat” has a few cool features built in. Gravatars are enabled, excerpts of previous and next posts per page, the theme is widgetized although I can’t guarantee they will look so hot), no plugins to be installed and a recent comments section in the footer.

Feel free to modify the code and design to fit your tastes, just please leave the footer links intact.

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“Download Cellar Heat for WordPress”

Danke für die Anregung.
Werde mal versuchen die Ideen umzusetzen.
Gruß Marty


There are some background elements missing in the Light version. pixel-grey.gif.


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