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November 5th 2009 in Uncategorized

I couldn’t figure out a good name for this theme, so it had been labeled “untitled002″ for the past few weeks. A bunch of odd names went through my head and nothing seemed to stick. I then remembered that I had a bunch of random domains already registered, so I thought I’d look there for something to use.

I logged into the registrar and came across “Cellar Heat” and thought – that’s perfect! It’s dark, grungy and has a nice ring to it. I originally came across the domain name from the song of the same title by Skinny Puppy. The song appears on the 1996 release “The Process”.

It was a track I always dug, and thought the name was quite peculiar so I went to see if the domain was available. I scooped it up over a year ago and has sat dormant until now.

So here we are.


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There are still some issues here and there that I’m working around – but in the next few days this theme should be ready and available for download.

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